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simpli press BLACK

Designed to bring out more flavors in your coffee in less time with an easier cleanup!

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simpli press RED

Designed to bring out more flavors in your coffee in less time with an easier cleanup!

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Innovative Design Loved by coffee consumers and professionals alike. Awarded a coveted New Product Award, 3rd Place at Coffee Fest Portland by industry experts.

After brewing, your used coffee grounds are left in our patented container allowing for easy disposal/composting without damaging the carafe. Your sink and plumbing will thank you

Enjoy the full-body brew of a traditional french press with the smoothness of a pour over! Our stainless steel double filter prevents any grit, and allows for the use of optional paper filters for an extra clean cup.

Pick your preferred grind- from fine to coarse, with paper filter or without. According to our coffee scientist, simpli press extracts 40% more when you use finer grounds. More flavor and caffeine anyone?

We’ve retained the best parts of the classic french press- the full-body brew, and the accessibility of the product across generations and cultures. Let’s bring the French press to the 21st Century, together.

No plastics or chemicals in your brew. simpli press is made of all glass, stainless steel, and silicone - materials built to last a lifetime.

Brew in half the time (2-3 minutes) when using fine to medium grind. Save even more time with our easy cleanup. Spend more time savoring your coffee.

Our double-filter is perfect for steeping loose tea leaves, and is easy to clean when switching brews.

What Coffee Lovers Say About Us

Eric - Warble Roasting

“Comparatively I would buy one in a heartbeat over a French Press, and I drink from French Presses every day....I think you guys have a great product!”

Nicholas - Portola Coffee Lab

“It’s a nice full-body cup. All the sweetness and varietal distinction came through. And it was all using home equipment, which I thought was really cool, because a lot of times you can’t get cafe quality beverages at home.”

Gatlin - Cafe Demitasse

“The simpli press allows you to retain the great qualities of French Press: the heavy thick body, the delicious syrupy flavors...but it keeps all the coffee grinds out of the cup. That’s always been the biggest problem with the French Press.”

Mery - International Women Coffee Alliance

““It has a’s very smooth. I want one. Home brewing is becoming more popular now so this is what we need at home. Less time for the perfect cup of coffee.”

How it Works

  • “This may be the best designed French press yet.”
    - Tech Insider

  • “The life of every coffee lover is about to change forever.”
    - The Huffington Post

  • “Hermosa Beach couple brew up new machine for quick, tasty coffee”
    - Easy Reader News

  • “ can brew coffees with all different grind settings and bring out different flavor profiles based on how you choose to grind your coffee.”
    - Barista Magazine