About us

It all started with wanting to drink French press coffee every morning, but between brewing and cleanup time, it just wasn't possible.

We also thought "There has to be a way to get all of those great coffee characteristics: therichness of an espresso, the flavor clarity and smoothness of a pour-over, and the body of a French press from one device and without a messy cleanup." With simpli press, one can develop an optimized brew in 2-3 minutes (by being able to use fine to medium grinds) plus an easier cleanup makes a difference in our hurried lives.

Then the taste factor came shortly after as our new favorite by being able to get more flavor out of the coffee beans with the medium-fine grinds (40% more according to the coffee scientist) and brew different roasts (light and medium). The smoothness of the brew is one that everyone always first notice.

We loved brewing at the live coffee events all over the country (see our Kickstarter video and more below) to just see people's reactions and feedback on the difference! We even won a New Product Award (3rd Place) at Portland amongst the established brands and judged by the industry experts (not to mention ultimate coffee snobs)! :)

Meet simpli press, your new favorite coffee brewer. :)