Our Purpose

Behind every great coffee, there’s a great person. 

We believed in the power of a good brew and what that ritual does for your day.

So we started the experimentation in our kitchen. The result was this unique brewer filled with potential, giving us effortless, café quality coffee.

It was a road met with many challenges. With the love for good coffee and for like-minded coffee lovers like us, we believed in our mission. We believe in a mission beyond making a coffee press. We believe in a chance to thrive and create a meaningful life, for all. To add joy to someone's day. To embolden other aspiring entrepreneurs. A chance to give back to the world around us.

So, powered by caffeine and faith, we made Simpli Press for you.

Here's to you. Bring out the best in your day by enjoying each moment of your new ritual. The best in paying it forward, knowing your purchase supports women and children coffee farmers, as we honor each hand that touches it prior to yours. Bring out the best in life, by enjoying the moment and believing in all your possibilities.

We look forward to seeing what you will do with your ritual, your day, and your life. Let’s make it count together.

Own your ritual. Own your day.

<3 Jenni Morse, Simpli Press Inventor and Co-Founder