How It Works



Our innovative filter and grounds container system is going to change the way people brew a coffee press.



Simpli press’ patented system pushes all the coffee grounds in the grounds container for fast disposal and cleanup! The grounds container lifts up with our filter!



Simpli press has an ultra-fine chemical etched double filter that allows for a gritless brew. With the simpli press filter, one can bring out more flavor from the coffee by allowing the use of fine to medium grounds.


For that extra smooth brew reminiscent of a pour over, one can even insert an optional paper filter.



When using finer grounds for coffee, extraction happens faster which cuts the brewing to 2-3 minutes rather than 4-5 minutes! The cleanup is also a lot faster and easier with our grounds container.



Tea works well in Simpli Press! You can brew it just you would with coffee, pressing down with the filter into the Container!



All our parts are made of glass, s­tainless steel and food­­­ grade silicone, which means a brew free from chemical leaching materials that can affect the taste and your health! 



 So what does choosing your grind size and an optional paper filter mean to you? You can tailor your brew to fit your roast and preference *or* just keep it simple by using any available grounds that you have! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Faster Brewing Time

When using medium-fine grinds, you not only get more LOVE and FLAVOR from your coffee but you also get a FASTER BREWING TIME because of the higher extraction rate!

Cheers to the little things in life that make a difference!